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Yes, it has been quite sometime since I have blogged about anything… I admit, my life has been very crazy lately between work, personal life, and my own business, Fruitful Solutions. Anyways, I just wanted to post a quick little bit of iPhone news for the record…

I have been a long time fan of the Bejeweled (this link will allow you to play online) puzzle game since I downloaded it a while back on one of my many Nokia phones. I think every phone I have had in recent years has had this game installed, except for my E61.

Well, since you can’t install third-party applications on the iPhone, PopCap Games has given us iPhone users the next best thing. There is a version of this game that is strictly Web based without using the Flash Player plugin. You can play it by pointing your iPhone’s browser to Actually, I played a game earlier on my MacBook using the Firefox Web browser, so you can more than likely play it on any OS and browser combination.

Until next time…


It has been quite sometime since I have blogged on this site. I guess this can be a little overview of what has been going on since my last post.

World of Warcraft

I have been playing WoW a lot lately. I really enjoy this game. It is extremely fun getting your character leveled up and meeting new people. The “World” in World of Warcraft is very fitting for this game. The game is indeed like a whole different world. There are tons of people playing this game and a lot of people willing to help you battle the opposing faction as well as complete quests and instances. I am extremely glad I have started playing this game. Now, if there were only more time to play…

I have taken my Alliance Dwarf Hunter on Blood Furnace to level 38. I have some nice weapons that some higher level players have helped me acquire. My armor is good as well. Especially since my brother-in-law, Nfinight, has started leatherworking within the game. That is nice to be able to create items that you can actually use on your character as well as sell to other players within the game. I hope to drop engineering and start blacksmithing soon so I can make weapons for us to use. I just wish I would have started doing blacksmithing sooner and Nfinight would have started doing leatherworking sooner… There’s no telling what types of gear we would be wearing these days.

I’d also like to plug a guild I joined last night on the game, We Have Cookies. This seems to be a pretty laid back guild that enjoys gaming and having a good time playing the game as it was meant to be played.

average admins

Well, average admins got slammed again this month. The 10GB of transfer bandwidth was used up by the 9th or 10th of the month. Chris has started parsing the logs for the month to see if there is anything exciting going on that is attributing to this and if anything can be blocked. Surely, there isn’t that many visitors coming to the site… Something fishy is going on around here and I hope we can get to the bottom of it so AA can be available for the 13 people that actually visit the site for legitimate reasons.

Web Development

A project I have been working on is set to go live tomorrow. I have been working on this new site for many weeks now. Those of you that know me personally will know where to find the new site. I’d like to leave that project at that.

Also, I have a friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonymous on this project) has launched a really cool site for the Texarkana area called I highly recommend all of you “Texarkanians” to visit this site, register, and start rating our businesses around the Texarkana and surrounding areas. His design is really good. The functionality is really good. And, I should start working on this project soon. I look forward to it.

I am still loving CakePHP as a development framework for PHP applications and sites. It just works. I have one project that I am trying to complete that I will more than likely move over to this framework and another for the New Boston Chamber of Commerce in New Boston TX that I am about to start and will use this framework from the ground up on their site.

I am also about finished with the Fruitful Solutions web site. Once that is completed, I will be redeveloping an application that I host (and hope to sell more subscriptions too in the near future) called En Route. This is an extremely cool application that allows businesses and organizations with lobby traffic (vendors, customers, visiting employees, etc.) to be tracked throughout their visit. There are a lot of reporting and notification features that assist the organization using the program with helping their “guests” in a timely fashion.


My cousin Andrew, a.k.a. Dingo, came down a few weekends ago and took some photos of me getting tipsy down and doing some Spider Man poses as the “gangsta” that I am.

Spider Man Gangsta

There’s a few more of these shots on my Flickr page.

I also had the opportunity to take some photos of an electrical storm we had here in the Texarkana area a few weeks back.

Electrical Storm - June 2007

Since you can’t just point and shoot an electrical storm, I set my camera to continuous mode and held down the shutter button to catch these shots. Needless to say, I had a lot of images that were just black or of clouds with no electrical activity going on. Shooting at night is difficult. I also think that shooting an electrical storm is difficult. But, some of these photos turned out pretty good and you can see more in this photo set on my Flick page.

Musical Preferences for Today - July 15th, 2007

I started the morning off listening to DJ Screw. After I woke up (yes, I went to bed at 6AM… I’m having some issues sleeping these days… Maybe it’s the Red Bull I drink to stay awake during the day) I listened to the iTunes Live Sessions of Five for Fighting, a live album from Maroon 5, and then on to the latest studio release of Finger 11. Those of you that know me know that the last 3 bands I listed are not in my “normal” rotation, so, you’ll be glad to know that I finished off the evening with Hatebreed and Mudvayne. Nice little mix, I’d say.

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Once again, I am so letting myself down on my blogging challenge. I’ll just chalk it up as “I don’t have anything to blog about” and leave it at that.

I have been playing a lot of World of Warcraft (WoW). My brother-in-law came over this weekend and we did a lot of gaming. I had a great time and made a little video in the process…

Sorry about that… The video is a little suggestive if you have your mind in the gutter. Otherwise, it’s just a video of my WoW pet, Spankdangler, protecting my Dwarf Hunter, Shankdangler, during a little R&R. What a pair those two!

I also have been having a lot of trouble getting to sleep… Is it too much caffeine?! Is it too much anxiety?! Is it too much stress?! Is it sleep apnea?! Is it anything at all?! Is it all in my head?! Do I ramble too much?!

Until next time…


So, I am already behind on my journaling for the month of June. But, I have a really good excuse… Or so I think.

Friday evening, my brother-in-law and cousin-in-law (can’t I just claim them as brother and cousin?!) came over for the weekend. We hung out playing World of Warcraft (WoW), listening to music, and we spent quite a bit of time making a beat for an upcoming song. We went to bed around 4:30AM Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, Caleb, a.k.a. Nfinight (damn, he was young in that photo), a.k.a. brother-in-law, and I started a new character on WoW. We both were running a Dwarf Hunter for the Alliance. Caleb started his character before me but we had a great time doing some quests, grinding, training animals to be our pets, and exploring.

Saturday afternoon, I had a birthday party to attend for my niece, Cami. I also had a work function to attend. I got home from both around 7:00PM and played some more WoW with Nfinight. A little while later, Paul, a.k.a. P.Q., Big Shteve, and Josh, a.k.a. Piano Man, came over and we did some recording on a song we started the day I broke my hand. We may not have made a lot of progress Saturday evening, but we had a great time hanging out. Oh, and I also became a Human Saltshaker Saturday evening, but that’s a whole different story altogether… Needless to say, we stayed up until around 5:30AM Sunday morning just kicking it.

Sunday… Ah, yes… Sunday. A day for rest and relaxation. I kind of went back to some old school traditions yesterday and didn’t do any kind of work… I mean, it was the Sabbath, right?! I guess it depends on which religion you ask. It could be Saturday or it could be Sunday. Either way, I didn’t do any type of work yesterday. I played WoW all day! From the time that I woke up until the time I went to bed… WoW! Or, WOW I played a lot of WoW!

So, I did miss a couple of days on my June promise, but here is a recap that should make up for the two days I missed… I will try to come up with enough content, technology, gaming, or related to me personally, to get 31 posts this month. I promise! Who cares you ask?! ME!!! And that, kids, should be all that matters.

Until next time…


Last night, Chris and I played the mess out of some Crackdown over Xbox Live on our Xbox 360’s. What a night!

Chris and I played until 1:30AM this morning co-op and I believe he played single player until like 4:00AM this morning. We were jumping over everything, picking up everything, killing everybody, and blowing everything up. It was a lot of fun. The last time I played this game was when Joey and I played some online co-op. That was a month or so ago and after playing last night, I am going to have to put some more time into this game. It is extremely cool!

So, here’s the deal. If you don’t have a 360, get one. Once you get your 360, go out and buy a copy of Crackdown. Then, once you’re signed up on Xbox Live, add “Cocoa Crusty” to your Xbox Live Friends List and let’s get the carnage on!

Until next time!